A short trip to Shonan

During the Golden Week (It’s a long holiday period in Japan from the end of April to the beginning of May), we visited our blog acquaintance in Chigasaki, Kanagawa. Dr. A always seems nice and pleasant with full of energy and fun. So, when she asked me, “When are you both planning to visit here?”, I wanted already going there! Like this, things have started and then we were on the way to Chigasaki from Ibaraki.
But alas! The Golden Week traffic was fiasco; usually it takes only 2.5 hours but on that particular holiday, it took us almost 6 hours to get there! Anyway, finally we made it without any problems. That was the most important thing, I would say.

Unfortunately, the weather was gleam with a bit dark clouds, but we had a great time outside on the terrace garden. We were having a BBQ party outside.

Barbequing duck pieces from France. It has been almost a year since we barbequed!

Colorful vegs on the grill, too. The fava beans were super yummy!

Of course, we had some appetizers with tiger prawns and French foire-gras with condiments and sauce.

Time to cut duck meat!

Also, some side dishes…

Dishing on the plate, waiting for the side dishes to come around.

A cute dog eyes on the superb pieces of “Sagagyu”(one of the Japanese beefs on the highest rank) on the grill.

Between the enjoyable conversation, I wandered off to see the beautiful yard flowering everywhere.  

What a good time to share with all different generations! In fact, we really enjoyed the day there!

By the time we have a cheese platter, we all became friends. Didn’t I tell you before? I never met 4 people there including the hostess which kindly invited us at her beautiful place. Our generation gaps are about 60 years! But we didn’t feel them at all, which was amazing!
A great outside meal, full of interesting wines and an open-aired mesmerizing atmosphere by the sea; everything played its roll for us to enjoy fully.

Smelling a wonderful bouquet which the delightful young couple has brought. It was awesome, indeed. A piece of heaven for me!


May Day! Sending "Muguets"

May Day! May Day! I can hardly believe it’s already May. And today is a special day in France. It’s a day to give a lily-of-the-valley to someone special to you. At every corner of streets, there are “Muguets” (lily-of-the-valley) venders on this day. Passers-by stop and buy one or several thinking of their loved ones.

Last year, we were at Grandma Colette’s back yard to get a lot of muguets. And also some more flowers to decorate our room.

The previous day, we returned from Paris. There, I met an acquaintance who has read my Japanese blog. She gave me a beautiful Kouglof as a gift. That was probably only one occasion to meet her, so it was a special Kouglof!

It was really yummy. All of the family enjoyed this blessing.

There is Mimi the cat in the yard of Grandma Colette. She patrols her territory.

There is a big cherry tree which I collected these flowers to cure them in sea salt to preserve for some Japanese delicacies. But, when we left for Japan, I forgot the preserved Sakura of Grandma Colette’s garden. Quel domage!

Mimi seems enjoying walking on the Sakura carpet.

We left from Grandma Colette’s place and headed for a forest to find wild Muguets. My father-in-law told us wild ones were really wonderful with strong fragrance. I never saw wild lilies-of-the-valley, so we went Muguets hunting.
At first, there was no luck. We wondered in several forests without success. But finally, I found one!

We went in further to find a huge group of Muguets! A big success at last!
I hope you all have a Happy Muguet Day! May all blessings be upon you.